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Memory Houses

Will Hurt


For “Memory HousesWill Hurt recorded his mother talking about a house she grew up in when she was young. The audio clips are then reordered in realtime by a generative algorithm to produce new descriptions of potential houses, illustrating both the struggle and possibilities of recollection. Abstract visuals punctuate the audio description, at times showing us what we are hearing, at times not.

Will Hurt (b.1984) works with computers to produce digital prints, generative animations and interactive software that draws on formal elements of architecture and the language of diagrams with the aim of engaging viewers with the built environment. His often bright, colourful, geometric work has recently grown to include an accessible participatory aspect, inviting people to explore virtual representations of physical spaces through play. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Play On, Edinburgh International Science Festival; Edinburgh, UK (2017); Configurations, QUAD, Derby, UK (Solo) (2016); Blank Arcade, Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee, UK (2016); Play Factory, Nottingham Contemporary, UK (2016); Open Sky Project, IFK Tower, ISEA 2016, Hong Kong (2016); Construct The Future, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK (2016); The Wrong Digital Art Bienalle, Vitoria, Brazil (2015); EO AV Lounge, Rough Trade New York, USA (2015); He has given talks at Tate Britain and QUAD, run workshops at Nottingham Contemporary and QUAD, in 2015 completed a residency at the LEVEL Centre, Rowsley, UK making an interactive installation alongside people with learning difficulties.

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