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Open Call for Online Commissions

This is an ongoing programme to commission regular new artwork for the Queen’s Hall Digital site.

Open Call for Online Commissions

A new round of commissions will launch late July 2019 and feature a new piece every two months on the Queen’s Hall Digital site. Currently we are looking to commission 6 artists for the coming months. The work can be a new idea, a sketch or a piece of work you haven’t shown yet. Something that can start a conversation and create new understanding of something you think more people should know about. This can be a short film an animation, a slideshow, a drawing, a sketch , a piece of audio, written and/or spoken work. We are also open to new ways of experimenting with the way work is shown and shared online. 


There is a one-off commission fee of £250 (to include research and all stages of production for the work). This is a micro commission opportunity as is reflected in the fee. It is intended to cover one day's work so please bear that in mind when submitting your proposal.

Open Call
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