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'i am tired of searching for answers'

Kate Frances Lingard

It’s hard ‘cause there are no answers

This commission takes the form of an empty glasshouse, rendered in 360 for browser viewing, built as a playful exploration of tools and coping mechanisms used to understand illness. Stemming from an interest in the history of medical technology, each panel patchworks alchemical drawings and diagrams of medical apparatus to reference ways of comprehending complex conditions. Some things cannot be seen, cannot be named, they mutate into stories, mysteries or get pushed below the surface.

The model is part of a larger body of assets being developed over 2020 which collectively evolve from ideas of replenishment, care and digital kinship.

Kate Frances Lingard lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. At the moment, they are thinking about how to enact an ethics/politics of care within the digital commons. Working with digitally created images, objects, environments and playing around with programming, they hope to question systems that define how we act and live together. They currently working on a show at arebyte gallery which opens in early 2021. 

Kate Frances Lingard

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