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playlists for survival


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playlists for survival is all about sounds/musics that keep us going thru dark times

our favourite sounds include wind turbines, heart-beats, curlews, waterfalls and waves, 'nkosi sikelele afrika' sung during anti-apartheid supermarket boycotts, our first punk gig, sainkho namchylak (leo records is our favourite music label of all time), carla bleys anarchic big band jazz escalator over the hill on broken radio as teen, john peel radio shows, mahler allowing us to grieve, electro-acoustic composer pete stollery sampling a pile of coat-hangers for us in performance, omit (electronics outta aotearoa), one of the most focused gigs was kaia kater singing against slavery, perhaps the most transcendental? oysterband or rokia traore

a decade ago we were made homeless again due to violence in byker. we ended in a hostel with constant sonic warfare. shouted threats, intercoms, doors being kicked, our tinnitus & voice-hearings, football crowds, even a nazi march parking under our window. yet we also lay under a blanket donated by our best friend and listened on headphones to annea lockwood’s ‘world rhythms’ (she literally sampled stars!). that our favourite sound-artist annea lockwood allowed us to hear stars at that time can never be erased

heres graphic-score / text about another of those works keeping us going thru dark times - smetanas string quartet no 1. fell in love with czech republic way back, one of our favourite places. smetana knew the asylum and tinnitus - his musics helping us escape

gobscure dec 01 20c.e.

'antithesis of all that is mass-produced, commercial; one needs time to engage and to listen to the work. it might even help us to listen to ourselves. a great, and singular artist, with no other justifications or conditions needed.' Alma Zevi Venice on our solo exhibitions with them in venice and athens


gobscure thumbnail. it is an image of a hand holding a pottery fragmentGobscure


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