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Like Clockwork

Ed Merlin Murray

Ed Merlin Murray is an artist, illustrator, and animator based in Northumberland. His work is primarily rooted in drawing, often using analog media, but in recent years he has moved into animation, and is proficient in both digital and traditional methods. He has a prolific output, aiming to publish a new drawing or short piece of animation daily (to lnstagram), doing this alongside more ambitious longer term projects. Ed's personal work is focused largely on human consciousness and the brain, often portraying his own life in dealing with mental illness (Ed is bipolar), and is informed by current thinking in the world of neuroscience. He published his first book of drawings, Mysterium Conscientia, in 2019, which set out to illustrate the inner workings of the human mind. This personal work is often drawing based, but Ed also has an ongoing printmaking practice, producing limited editions of both screen prints and Lino cuts. Follow Ed's instagram feed at www.instagram.com/e.merlinmurray/

Like Clockwork is based on a New Scientist article of the same name, by Anil Ananthaswamy, from 2019.

Ed Merlin Murray


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