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To make Progression (walking), Anna Macdonald invited an entire primary school to walk through a free-standing doorway, in their own time, organised from the youngest to the oldest. It was recorded using a single static shot and continues the artist’s fascination with the relationship between movement, time and progression.

Anna would like to thank Pikemere Primary School (Cheshire) and Assistant Artists, Paige Harrison and Ryan Wilkinson, for their generous work on this project.

Anna Macdonald is a moving image artist and scholar from the UK, who specialises in working directly with the public. Influenced by Mark Johnson’s (2008) notion of bodily ‘schema,’ she is interested in using film to expose the emotional and conceptual resonance of simple actions such as, moving from ‘here to there’, ‘unfolding’ or ‘getting slower’. Anna’s work has been shown at galleries and festivals such as Festival Ciné-Corps, Paris, Athens Video dance project, Agite y Sirva, Mexico, Home, Manchester, Art Currents, New York, Somerset House, London, Lightmoves, Ireland, Dascamdans, Belgium, Miden Festival, Greece, VideodanzaBA, Argentina and was nominated for the International Video Dance awards in Barcelona. Her work was selected as a flagship project for AHRC funded research into socially engaged art and she has published several articles about the body, time and film.

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