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Laura Porter and Lydia Porter

  • Laura Porter and Lydia Porter
  • Gil Mualem-Doron
  • Gobscure
  • Kit Haigh
  • Kate Frances Lingard
  • Svetlana Ochkovskaya
  • Ed Murray
  • Thomas Brown
  • Joyce Branagh
  • Jayson Haebich
  • Hazel Soper
  • Matthew Rawcliffe
  • Isabella Martin
  • Sid and Jim
  • Neale Willis
  • Erin Dickson
  • Jim Lloyd
  • Sean Cotterill
  • Luke W Robson
  • Maxi Smith
  • Anna Macdonald
  • Will Hurt
  • James Hutchinson
  • Lucy Pawlak

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Queen's Hall Digital - Queen's Hall Digital is an online exhibition portal for new work and innovative projects. It focuses on creating opportunities for artists working with digital and moving image technologies and aims to build and connect an international community of artists to local and national audiences.

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